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Sous Vide

Sous vide is a slow, low-heat cooking process by which pre-portioned meats are sealed in vacuum-tight plastic bags and immersed in a water bath, sometimes for periods in excess of 24 hours.

What results are meats that are cooked to the perfect point of doneness all the way through. They can be served right away or stored refrigerated for up to six months. They only need to be reheated before being served.

A traditional grilled strip steak, for example, has only a narrow stripe of perfectly cooked meat at its center. Our Sous Vide process, by comparison, achieves a perfect degree of doneness throughout the entire steak, from top to bottom. A brief sear on the grill and it's ready to serve!

Because Sous Vide proteins are cooked at very low temperatures -- around 140 degrees Fahrenheit -- they must be carefully monitored at every stage of preparation. Custom Food Solutions' Sous Vide process is both USDA and FDA inspected.

Our Sous Vide process not only cooks meats to perfection, it seals in natural flavors. It can accommodate any protein from beef, pork and chicken to fish, ribs and prime rib. We think you'll agree when you taste one of our products that Sous Vide is a truly breakthrough food technology.

For an ideal combination of quality, consistency and portioning, Sous Vide has no equal. Ask us what our state-of-the-art Sous Vide capability can do for your business!

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