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A full line of ready-to-use products.


A quality glaze makes any seafood, vegetable or meat dish more attractive and more flavorful. Sweet or savory, light or dark, thick or thin, Custom Food Solutions can create the perfect glaze for any application.

Bourbon Glaze

This sweet and tangy glaze is full of succulent flavors, perfect for any protein.

Whiskey Glaze

This sweet whiskey glaze adds color and flavor appeal to any protein.

Sorghum Glaze

A classic! Savory-sweet with exceptional coating ability.

Pineapple Glaze

As pleasing to the eye as it is to the palette! Great with pork or seafood.

Mango Chili Glaze

A sweet heat glaze bursting with bold chilies, herbs and mango flavors.

Ancho Lime Glaze

Tangy citrus blended with subtly hot, sweet and smoky Ancho chile.

Ginger Chili Glaze

Ginger, Chipotle, Ancho chile and bell peppers put a new twist on an Asian classic!

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