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A full line of ready-to-use products.


Don't have an in-house pastry department? No problem, Custom Food Solutions has you covered with our rich, delicious -- and highly versatile -- dessert sauces. Full of fruit and rich buttery, spicy and sweet flavors, they're practically desserts by themselves.

Banana Fosters Sauce

A thick and sweet sauce loaded with brown sugar, butter and banana flavors.

Cherry Sauce

Sweet and tangy, like cherry should be. This sauce is perfect with any dessert.

Caramel Sauce

A velvety sauce full of delectable, buttery cooked sugar flavor.

Strawberry Topping

Rich in color, big in flavor, perfect for any season.

Apple Sauce

A thick and sweet sauce full of cinnamon and roasted apples.

Cinnamon Apples Filling

A thick and sweet sauce bursting with cinnamon and roasted apples.

Fruit Purees

Custom fruit varieties blended into a smooth or chunky mix.

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